Sun- and Windenergy

There are a few ways to produce energy from the 2 free recourses: sun and wind.

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Produce heat through Sun-Energy

With the help of solar collectors and (combi) boilers you can convert sunlight and heat into sustainable energy at home. In the Netherlands, the power of the sun is sufficient to make solar boilers and solar panels work.

Solar panels (with blue foil) on the roof provide electricity. You get hot tap water through a solar water heater and black solar collectors. With a solar water heater combination you heat your home and you get warm tap water.

Produce heat through Wind-Energy

The ''heat mill'' converts the kinetic energy of the blades directly into heat by generating friction in water. In its original form, the heat mill uses a so-called ''water brake''.

In essence, a heat mill is a wind-driven mixer (the water brake) in a well-insulated storage tank filled with water. Due to the friction between the molecules of the water, mechanical energy is directly converted into thermal energy. 
The hot water can then be pumped through the house for central heating and for the production of hot water.

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