Feature 2: Smart Energy Usage

The BlueHIQ knows how to invest your energie in a smart way.
This way, you get the most value out of your investments.


Uses Heat Where Needed

The BlueHIQ can see where the heat is most needed and tries to use some heat on places where it isn't that important anymore. You can change this at all time.

Never Cold

Because you have an application, you can change the temerature of everything that is connected to the BlueHIQ from distance.

Storing Heat

Ofcourse, you can store heat. But what if the heat storages are full? The BlueHIQ will automatically use this heat at place where needed. This way you won't waste any heat or energy.

How does it work?

The BlueHIQ is smart developed with the technology that it knows where to use heat and where to get it from. This way, the BlueHIQ never wastes any invested heat / energy and you get the highest returns.

Also, the BlueHIQ can be controlled from distance.

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