Heat Generators

Ofcourse, you find it important to get back from a long work day in a warmth home. With the BlueHIQ, you can easily fix that problem.

To get your house heated, you'll need to produce some heat. Down here we talk about a few ways to get your house heated and can be implemented in the BlueHIQ.

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Every house has a boiler in it, that's why it is perfect to implement that into your BlueHIQ system. Here we explain how it works.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps or pipes are cool ways to heat your home. And it is extremely sufficient.
They're perfect to implented into your BlueHIQ!

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Sun- and Windenergy

Ofcourse, we doesn't love those 2?
Sun and wind energy are two free things on earth and are extremely usefull to get into your heating system.
That's perfect for the BlueHIQ to get into.

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