Feature 1: Monitoring

One of the amazing features that comes with the BlueHIQ is the way that you can monitor it.
You can see all your statitics and change settings the way you want them to be.


Easy Fix

With the BlueHIQ, the problem has already been found. It's only a matter of calling the installer and your problem will be solved!

Searches for Problems

The BlueHIQ will show you where the problem is and will notify you instantly! That way it is an easy fix.

See statistics in app

You can check your returns when you want to via the BlueHIQ website. It shows you everything you need to know about your BlueHIQ system.

How does it work?

When you log into the website of BlueHIQ, you can see all your statitics. From returns to problems found. And it will notify you at any time something important happens.

There is a way to get you informed on other ways. There even is an application of the BlueHIQ you can download and log in to. And there are various options to get yourself notified on things you think are important.

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