BlueHIQ History

The BlueHIQ is a development which has years of experimenting in it.
This means that there is some history that comes with it.

History, mission and vision  BlueHIQ


After 2 years of developing and testing, the BlueHIQ has finally reached the point of where it's amazing to have. And we keep updating!

At this moment the BluEHIQ is only able to be found in The Netherlands, but there are possibilities of getting associated with us.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


With the BlueHIQ we want the world to see that there is a way to invest energy in amazing returns. That way, we make the world a better place together.

Besides that, we'd love to by a part of a better world environment.


We will always keep developing newer and better intergral systems to better the world.

With us, the search to perfection starts over every day.

Odoo • Text and Image