You get everything in one go with the BlueHIQ!

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Feature 1: Monitoring

We offer a application to see how your BlueHIQ is working and if there are any problems going within it. This way, it doesn't cost a lot of effort to solve this problem.

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Feature 2: Higher Returns

The BlueHIQ has the smartest and newest technological developments in it. This way, we can offer you the highest returns for your invested energy.

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Schematic Display

To explain what the BlueHIQ should look like on paper even more, we've made a schematic display. See it here.

About BlueHIQ

The BlueHIQ is a system / development that has a few years of development in it. After a few tests and solving some bugs, the BlueHIQ is the best on the market! 

Because of those years developing, the BlueHIQ has created his own history.

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