About BlueHIQ

Why BlueHIQ?

These days, there are way to complicatied installations needed to get the most value out of your heating- and coolingsystemss inside a building. Also, the control technology is way too complex as well. That is too expensive for the kind of building it's build in most of the times.
This is what the BlueHIQ can offer!

The BlueHIQ has the newest technological developments in it and can be controlled from distance. This way, you get everything you need without doing a big investment for you building.

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Benefits for everyone!

Benefits Purchaser

What does the BlueHIQ offer for the purchaser?

Higher Returns

You can see interesting data about your BlueHIQ system via
the official site of BlueHIQ. You will be kept informed with your
returns and you get handy tips to save some energy.


Through the smart technological developments in the
BlueHIQ, the system will do exactly what is needed to get
the highest possible returns out of the invested energy.


The BlueHIQ can be updated from distance. In addition,
the BlueHIQ has the best and newest technological
developments in it and consists of certified components only.

Benefits Installer

What does the BlueHIQ offer for the installer?

Easy Installation

By the standardized principle diagram and associated calculations are the chances of bugs and errors minimized.

Minimal chance of errors

Everything is already done within the BlueHIQ. It only has to be attached to the heat generators, heat drainers and stores.

(Automatic) Distanced Control

The BlueHIQ is smart and detects problems instantly. You even get notified when a problem appears and what it is.

Schematic Display of the BlueHIQ

With this schematic display, we try to show you that the BlueHIQ is the heart of your installation. Everything that has to do with heat generating, draining or storing will get guided with the BlueHIQ.

Through smart technological developments within the BlueHIQ, is the system the best solution for higher returns and future-proofness.
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